Opel Garage

Adam Opel (1837 to 1895) is often named as one of the pioneers of automotive history – though he mechanically produced “only” sewing machines and bicycles. Still from 1899 his sons and some developers and designers of the Opel AG set signs in the automotive engineering for many decades.

From 1929 to 2017 GM General Motors was the determining proprietor.
You can find our cars of the GM-brand Buick and Chevrolet in our timeline of the PS GALLERY.

The Opel garage is being constantly updated. There is always space for attractive cars and interesting stories. For yours as well. Simply take part.

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1927 Opel Schnell-Lieferwagen
1951 Opel Olympia
1954 Opel Kapitän Coupé V8
1962 Opel Kapitän
1971 Opel GT
1972 Opel Blitz LF 8
1985 Opel Ascona KC3
1986 Opel Ascona
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