Ford Garage

Since 1878 at the age of 15 years Henry Ford developed a steam engine and in 1896 the motorized vehicle „Quadricycle“.
What happened after the foundation of the Ford Motor Company in 1903 is well known and still a shining example of success.
Even today people are experiencing fun adventures in their Ford vehicles in every century that we are publishing right here.
The Ford garage is constantly being expanded. About attractive vehicles and interesting stories we always have space for. For yours as well. Just take part.

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  • 1980 Ford Taunus 1.6 L
  • 1976 Ford Transit
  • 1974 Ford Taunus GXL
  • 1973 und 77 Ford Pick Up
  • 1972 Ford Taunus GXL
  • 1969 Ford Capri
  • 1965 Taunus 17 M
  • 1959 Ford FK 1000 Ü-Wagen
  • 1930 Ford Modell A
  • 1924 Ford Modell T Tin Lizzie
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